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While $HNR is busy developing its recycling project in Europe, it is also focused on continuing exploration in WA f… https://t.co/23NlaXCbs0 - Link

The Nordics provide a sweet spot for a potential recycling operation with a range of attributes making it an attrac… https://t.co/W2lgI1rik6 - Link

$HNR has entered to the lithium battery recycling sector by converting a conditional MoU into a binding agreement t… https://t.co/8DtbV6339z - Link

Combined Nordic EV/PHEV sales are significant in comparison to other European markets - providing a significant pot… https://t.co/mXbSEF4mK3 - Link

Security of raw material supply and the circular economy are key themes for the EU. As a result we believe that eve… https://t.co/I4zWhDhqBW - Link

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