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Hannans vision is to sustainably produce metals for society.


Our mission is to develop an economic interest in a portfolio of metals production assets. Our focus is to provide shareholders with a strong return on investment by managing our people, projects, and capital in an entrepreneurial and responsible manner. We recognise that a professional, knowledgeable, and ethical team of directors, employees and consultants is the key to our business.


Hannans Ltd was founded in 2002 in by Dr Ernest Dechow, Mr William Hicks and Mr Damian Hicks. The Company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2003. Hannans core reason for being was to discover an economic minerals deposit that could sustainably produce metals for society. Hannans expanded its interests to the recovery of metals from scrap and spent lithium-ion batteries in 2021. Hannans has executed agreements over time with Vale Exploration Australasia, Anglo American Exploration, Boliden, Rio Tinto Exploration, Neometals and many junior companies.


Care: prioritising safety; health; the environment; and community.

Integrity: striving to be consistent; staying true to our values; and accountable for our actions.

Fairness & Respect: valuing diversity & difference; acting without prejudice; and communicating with courtesy.

Transparency: being honest; addressing problems; and being clear with our communications.

Collaboration: sharing ideas and knowledge; encouraging cooperation; listening to our stakeholders; and building long term relationships.

Awareness: taking account of all identified key issues in our decisions; and considering future impacts.

Commitment: staying focused on the core objectives; making pragmatic, quality technical and commercial decisions; and being decisive with the courage of our convictions.