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Milly Boo Polymetallic Project, Western Australia

The Milly Boo tenement application is located in the Gascoyne Province - approximately 260kms north-west of Meekatharra and 270kms east of Canarvon, WA.

The application covers a very deep magnetic anomaly thought to have characteristics of an Iron Oxide Copper Gold (IOCG) target.

Milly Boo represents a magnetic anomaly potentially situated in ~2000Ma gneissic rocks of the Dalgaringa Supersuite, under significant Permian cover (+1000m). It is located beneath a corridor of Mesozoic-aged faulting (of the Permian cover) that makes it difficult to interpret the underlying Proterozoic structures from geophysics. Subsidiary magnetic anomalies south-west of Milly Boo are potentially magnetic components of Proterozoic lithology. The significantly stronger Milly Boo magnetic anomaly requires some other explanation.

Hannans completed a ground-based gravity survey to verify the IOCG target model. The survey comprised 770 gravity stations on a 200x200m grid and data was acquired by Atlas Geophysics using a Scintrex CG5 gravity meter.

The survey identified a gravity anomaly higher up in cover sediments that did not fit an IOCG model but will be investigated further.

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January 31, 2021 2nd Quarter Activities Report
Milly Boo Polymetallic Project geological setting
Milly Boo Polymetallic Project geological setting